Into the Sun: Santiago Part III

I wake up and, for a moment, forget that my husband is sick and thousands of miles away from me. For a moment, that split second between asleep and awake, it feels like a normal day. It's nice, that split second. A phone call from my husband - "They're keeping me here" - and the … Continue reading Into the Sun: Santiago Part III


Andean Birds and Airport Dances: Santiago Part I

We regard each other through an old pane of glass; me on one side, sipping wine and finishing lunch, he on the other, flitting from place to place searching for crumbs, stopping sporadically to assess me, not entirely trusting the glass between us. He is the Andean equivalent of a sparrow--a dime a dozen--but as … Continue reading Andean Birds and Airport Dances: Santiago Part I

The Million Dollar Man

"Right this way," she says, holding her ipad in one hand and clutching her the zippered hoodie in the other.  Today it is a different nurse that ushers us down a different hallway.  We dutifully follow, but I glance to my right at the hallway we usually walk, the scale my husband usually steps on … Continue reading The Million Dollar Man

Texas Stars & Songs to be Sung

I just don't like cancer, the voice says. Something distasteful. You're in this right now, we're not ....we just can't drop everything and be there for you. An inconvenience. That's what this disease is to some. *** Very well written, he writes, but our readers like content that's a little bit lighter, more up-lifting.  Try … Continue reading Texas Stars & Songs to be Sung